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It’s no secret that the pixel perfect image of beauty Photoshop creates is basically unattainable, just like it is unreal and misleading; it’s also no secret that in every fashion photo you see you are more likely to fall for the “fixed” reality rather than the genuine truth, with more things tweaked that you could think of.

So it’s a good thing that in a world keen on altering our image and our mind via Photoshop and social media, there are people who still choose to expose the truth, women who are not afraid to embrace their true beautiful selves (here’s looking at you Gigi Hadid).

And while a blemish fix here, and a touch of colour there wouldn’t bother anyone as long as they were used for purely aesthetic purposes, the fine line between polishing the reality and totally reinventing it is constantly being pushed. When a survey reveals that 70% of women feel depressed after looking at a fashion magazine for 3 minutes instead of them feeling inspired, perhaps even motivated, you just know things aren’t exactly right.

So here’s to encouraging women to aspire to a healthy body rather than impossible standards of beauty, here’s to celebrating realness in every shape, colour and size.

Below, 7 things that are Photoshopped in practically every fashion photo you see.

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