The style star of any wedding celebration is going to be the gown, but all the accompanying events and activities open the door for a lot of other "wow, she looks amazing" moments totally worth seizing. A recent scan through my mother's wedding photos unearthed a gem I haven't been able to shake from my mind as I've been nuptial (and, therefore, wardrobe) planning: her in a slim, perfectly cut white suit, waving goodbye to revelers as she left her reception, honeymoon bound.

Anne Hathaway's ivory suit and Salvatore Ferragamo heels, chosen for a Beverly Hills film event, further spurred my quest to find my own bridal suit. Have you thought about the look? While I'm thoroughly besotted with my white, princess-worthy wedding dress, I've thought up five smart occasions to make the suit work. Read through them below, and then shop some chic sets.

Leaving your reception: Changing to leave your reception is a retro trend that I love. Consider it your first fashion moment as a married woman, switching out of the gown that saw you down the altar and into something that's more grown-up. And, honestly, skinnies will be more comfortable for a ride than your voluminous dress.
Rehearsal dinner: A chic white dress is the obvious choice for your night-before gathering, but the suit is just as refined while feeling a tad fresher. Bonus: If you're getting married in the Fall or Winter, the extra coverage will be much appreciated should you step out on a terrace for a cocktail or chat.
Reception: More and more brides opt for a second outfit to get down at the reception. While it's usually a mini (or something that's easier to dance in than a long dress), the idea of a matched suit has the same practical appeal. And let's be honest: if you're going to dance, pants are going to be a bit more forgiving to extreme moves.
Going-away brunch: If your wedding schedule has a morning-after gathering on the calendar, you'll need another outfit fit for a bride. While it's tempting to succumb to your comfiest jeans, bear in mind this is the last time your guests will be seeing you on your big weekend. Make it count!
Shower: But before the actual day gets here, there are still opportunities to show your suit some action. Most brides-to-be are forever on the search for a cute white dress that'll work for these sort of female-only occasions, but give the suit a thought. It still highlights you as the special lady of the hour, but it has a glam Bianca Jagger vibe everyone present will fall all over themselves to comment on.

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