For some, turning 30 is a monumental event—one that’s marked by a certain no-tricks confidence that extends all the way to a newly pared down makeup bag. But before you’ve established a signature look, there is the gloriously experimental decade that’s known as your 20s: Now is the time to dip into pots of glitter pigment, embrace the cult cool of chic nail art, and scoop up that acid pink Gucci fur coat while you’re at it. Play to your wild side with a jolt of lively neon blush, à la Chanel’s Spring 2017 show, or try on a neo-noir lipstick for an unexpectedly bold twist. To channel the eternal allure of Anna Karina or Amy Winehouse, a stroke of inky black liquid liner is all that’s required. Above, five fearlessly playful trends to check off your list now.    

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