Harry Styles may be the One Direction band member who sits front row at the Burberry show. He may befriend all of the top fashion models, from Cara Delevingne to Kendall Jenner. But, we have a secret . . .

Zayn Malik was actually the most stylish of the One Direction crew. He showed up to red carpets in eye-catching looks, cinching his collars with satin ribbons and slipping into turtlenecks whenever he got the chance. He performed in sleek suit vests and bandannas, and we're pretty sure he's got more colorblock bomber jackets than fingers and toes combined.

Believe it or not, Zayn Malik is one dapper dude who's walking away from One Direction with a lot of styling tricks up his sleeve. While we know the rest of the crew will still make all the girls swoon on their own, we hope they'll at least attempt to be as bold as Zayn in their fashion choices when they take the stage.

Read on to find all the times Zayn stole the hearts of fashionistas everywhere, tried out new trends, and even started some of his own. Yep, that's what makes him beautiful.