When I recently headed out on a two-week vacation to Istanbul, I found myself in a dilemma - I was long on time but short on packing space for my vacation of choice. Could I really squeeze 14 days' worth of outfits into a carry-on? I was at least up for the challenge - and I succeeded.

The secret to pulling off minimalist packing is making sure you're bringing along essentials that can coordinate without looking matchy-matchy. And a major space saver: one-and-done pieces that will get you out the door with minimal effort, because each piece should serve a purpose. If you pack right, you'll never get caught stuck at a cocktail party with nothing fancy or forced to spend a day sightseeing in your favorite heels. Armed with these 19 Summer travel must haves, you'll be ready to put your most stylish foot forward, no matter what continent it may be on.