When trying to cull a life motto (because who doesn't need one of those), I've settled on tweaking Glengarry Glen Ross's famous "Always be closing" to "Always be shopping." It's the number one most important factor to scoring amazing finds and super, can-barely-believe-it deals. In all fairness, it's also a point of professional obligation for me, where keeping a constant eye on what's out there allows me to craft shopping stories with brands readers might not have heard of, amazing pieces that'll seriously impress you, and sales you've gotta move fast on.

But, career aside, it's also served me quite well personally. After years of laboring, I've become somewhat of an ace shopper and rarely buy anything full price. I'm comfortable with the mixed look of admiration and jealousy that comes after I'm asked where I got something or for how much.

So, herewith, the 15 totally legitimate reasons that shopping every day (whether you buy something or not) is a pretty fantastic thing to do.

Source: Instagram users marifocus, georgia_sw, pianolele, and sianelizabetheve