After seeing North West out and about with her parents during Paris Fashion Week, it's become pretty clear that the 1-year-old is, in fact, a celebrity in her own right. North sat front row for Givenchy and Balenciaga clad in clothes that would rival even the biggest of street style stars - seriously, this little girl was wearing sheer dresses, leather leggings, and baby Timberlands that probably cost more than your rent - and even while checking out the Spring collections from some of the world's best designers, North just looked . . . unimpressed.

Much like Prince George, North West doesn't seem like the type of toddler to be easily excited by things like high fashion and lavish birthday parties; it's almost as if she's a normal baby that would rather be at home watching Sesame Street and eating animal crackers. In any case, we can't help but notice how totally adorable North looks when she's clearly had enough of hanging out with her parents - and how she obviously inherited her pissy resting face from this guy - so we've rounded up her cutest unimpressed moments here. Scroll through to see all the times that North West was totally over it.