Summer’s official start is coming up fast. And while the beloved vacation season brings short weeks, long weekends, and plenty of travel, it also brings everyone’s least favorite thing: some seriously scorching days. The kind where the temperature hovers dangerously close to the triple digits, and the air outside feels heavy and claustrophobic. On days like this, the thought of getting dressed is nothing short of unbearable, but sadly, it’s a task that must be completed if you want to leave the house.To help you through the hardship of allowing fabric to touch your body on a swampy day, we co
On our summer 2019 vacation-style moodboard: puka-shell-necklace surfer bros, Scandi bloggers, and aesthetically precocious toddlers. While this off-kilter mishmash might not make immediate sense as a vibe (or anything else, for that matter), it'll all come together when you check out our shopping picks ahead.Anchored by Havaianas ' go-anywhere flip-flops, we've partnered with the Brazilian brand to outfit the fashion girl in everything else she needs for a chic warm-weather holiday. From a trophy bucket hat to elevated croakies, this is not your denim-cutoffs, big-T-shirt-cover-up kind of s
Ariana Grande fans, it’s time to rejoice because she just dropped a brand new merch line in collaboration with H&M. As we all know, H&M is an expert at producing epic fashion collabs — take, for example, its latest Stranger Things collection — so it’s no surprise that the retailer has delivered some pieces that every Ari fan is going to want ASAP. There’s something for everyone, from bodysuits with the iconic “thank u, next” lyrics printed in front, to cotton candy pink T-shirts instructing anyone you see on the street to break up with their girlfriend, to a tee making fun of the popular "And
Opulent displays of style and grace filled the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts at Wednesday night’s Mad Hot Ballet: Desert Dream — even before the ballerinas took to the stage. The annual fundraising event for The National Ballet of Canada, which raised $1.2 million this year, brought together 1,800 of Toronto’s most elegant […]
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Health Canada Orders Goop to Pull Beautycounter Sunscreens From Toronto Pop-Up Among the crowds of people who flocked to Goop’s first-ever Toronto pop-up were a few visitors looking for more than just vibrators and cake plates. Health Canada inspectors flagged and pulled two Beautycounter sunscreens from the shelves, not yet approved for distribution north of […]
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This month marks a huge milestone in Pride history: the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York, a response to targeted police harassment of queer people in Nw York City. Considering this historic anniversary, we can count on Pride celebrations to be bigger, more plentiful and bolder than ever before. Like clockwork, every […]
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Season 2 of Fleabag dropped last month and since that time, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s series based on her one-woman play has inspired love letters, a sudden obsession with pre-mixed cans of G&Ts, and theories about the meaning behind the fox. Fans have also been searching for ways to look like Fleabag herself, from buying her black jumpsuit, […]
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This is the first instalment in Life Lessons, a new series encompassing interviews with figures in the fashion industry whose success we admire and can learn from. Jonathan Simkhai, the Los Angeles-based designer of oddball, hyper-feminine womenswear, is one of the most quietly resilient designers in the business. He founded his eponymous label in 2010 […]
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We all get stressed from time to time. Psychologists define two types of stress: short- term and long-term. Short-term stress activates the ‘fight-or-flight’ mechanism and is essential for survival. Also, it can work as a motivator and be like an energy source. However, constant stress can exacerbate and cause many health problems, including high blood […]
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